Scratch-Free Floors | 4 Smart Steps To Remedy Light Scratches in Timber Floors

Posted on: 31 August 2015

Timber floors deliver ubiquitous appeal to resonate with all types of modern and vintage décor styles. But scratches, small or large, can quickly ruin the aesthetic value of timber floors. Depending on the degree of the scratch, certain remedies can help restore the beautiful look of your timber floors in no time. Here are some steps to help you remedy light scratches where protective coatings have been grazed. Light surface scratches from fallen objects, stones or dirt under shoes are usually easy to fix because they only tend to damage the protective coating.

Gather Materials

You will need some soft cloths, water, paintbrush, wood filler, hardwood floor cleaner and timber protective coating. All these items can be purchased from a home improvement store.

Clean the Scratched Area

Before applying the protective coating, you must ensure that it is completely clean and devoid of any dirt and debris. If the floor is dirty, the coating will not sit properly and will end up looking untidy. Use a soft cloth and some warm water over the floor surface. Wipe away with a dry cloth and apply hardwood flooring cleaning solution to the scratched surface. Make sure that the area is completely free of dirt and grime for later steps.

Rinse and Dry

Once you have cleaned the scratched surface thoroughly, rinse with some warm water and a clean cloth until the cleaning solution has been diluted. Let this scratched area dry for a while. Be gentle when cleaning the scratched area on your timber floors, because you don't want a small scratch to turn into a major one.

Apply Wood Filler and Protective Coating

After cleaning, apply some wood filler to the scratch to buff it out. Wood filler or wood putty doesn't shrink or crack and lasts for a long time. This will fill out the crack nicely before you apply the protective coating layer. Now it's time to apply the protective coating on your timber floors with a paintbrush. Depending on your existing coating, you can choose between polyurethane coatings, sealants, floor-seal oil and water-based gloss. If you like, you can even redo your entire flooring coating to give the whole space a homogeneous finish. The coating helps to fill out the scratch completely, giving your timber floors a near new appearance. Let the surface dry overnight and your timber floors are ready for use.

These easy DIY steps for remedying light scratches on timber floors can easily be undertaken on your own. 


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