Tips for Knowing When to Use Specific Tiling Tools to Simplify the Tiling Process

Posted on: 5 January 2016

Tiling can be a renovation project that allows you to transform any room and add a bit more style. The bathroom and kitchen are areas of your home where tiling is most common, but you can have tiled floors or tiled black splash in just about any space. Before you begin the process of tiling, it is important that you know when to use certain tiling tools to make things simpler.


Before you begin cutting tile down to size, it is a good idea to use a tile scribe. This type of tiling tool is designed to make it easier for you to cut tiles. You can use a tile scribe to score a line that you want to cut. You should only use a tile scribe on the glazed surface of a tile, because this will allow for a line that can be easily broken using a tile cutting tool. When you are using a tile scribe, it is best to also have a straight edge handy to ensure that the line you are creating is straight and a good guide when cutting the tile completely.


There are different types of saws that you can use when you are trying to cut tiles to the exact size that you desire. The tiling tools that are designed for cutting are the tile hand saw or a tile power saw. A tile power saw allows you to cut a large number of tiles in a short period of time and also makes it easier to create a straight line. A hand saw tiling tool is not designed for cutting tiles down to size, but is more often used to cut tiles into irregular shapes. When you need to shape a tile in a unique way to fit into a specific space, it can be easiest to use a tile hand saw. When you are cutting with a tile saw, you cut on the glazed part of the tile. Nippers are also a tile tool that is used for cutting irregular shapes, but it is small in size. This is the tool you use when you need to cut an irregular shape that is very small. If you just need to cut away a very small portion of a tile, it is best to use nippers over a tile saw or power saw.


When you need to drill through tiles, it is best to use a tile drill. These drill bits can be used for tiles and for mirrors. It is possible to use a hand drill or a power drill when driving carbide tipped tile bits through tiles.


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