The Best Substitutes for the Kitchen Floor Tiles You Want in Your Home

Posted on: 24 March 2017

The floor tiles you choose for a kitchen are very important; they need to be durable so they hold up against heat and humidity, and they should also be comfortable underfoot. Obviously they also need to be easy to clean, affordable, and attractive. This is a tall order for floor tiles!

The material you want for a floor tile might actually be a poor choice in the kitchen; stone, wood, and fabrics are not always the best choices for this space, so note some substitutes you might choose instead for your kitchen flooring.

Porcelain tiles

Stone is a very beautiful material for floor tiles, but it's not the most durable. Many varieties of stone are porous so they easily absorb food stains and are difficult to clean. The surface of stone may also be very smooth so it becomes unsafe for walking and especially when wet and slick.

If you have your heart set on a stone kitchen floor, choose a porcelain tile instead. Porcelain can be sealed so it stays clean and doesn't hold germs and bacteria or food stains, but can look just like natural stone. Porcelain can be dyed a variety of colours and also offers a natural look and feel that resembles stone, so you have the high-end design you want for your kitchen floor without the cost of stone and in a more durable tile.

Laminate tiles

Timber flooring absorbs moisture and humidity and also holds food stains, so it's not a good choice for the kitchen area. Laminate tiles have a type of seal over them that makes them much less porous, and they can be fabricated to look like a variety of woods. A laminate tile can come in long slats like wood or large square sections, making it easier to install than actual wood floorboards.

Glazed tiles

Fabric is very comfortable underfoot and adds lots of texture for visual interest, but it can be a poor choice for kitchen floor tiles, as fabric absorbs food stains as well as humidity and moisture. A ceramic glazed tile can be a good substitute; the surface of this tile may feature a soft fabric that is then glazed or coated to give it protection. This glazing can also be done without actual fabric, creating a texture that looks and feels like linen. A glazed ceramic surface is very water resistant and strong while still being soft and textured, so you have the look and feel of fabric but in a tile that is much more durable than actual linen.


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